What is On Your List? A New Year with New Beginnings and Legal Resolutions

Welcome to 2018! The New Year always brings new resolutions, new chapters, and new life changes. All of your choices are important, and at Tripcony, May & Associates, you are encouraged to also consider a few legal resolutions that may affect you, your family members or friends.

Living Will: Starting a Living Will may aid your family in making difficult decisions without you. It will allow your wishes regarding your health and wellbeing to be carried out in the event that you are unable to communicate them to healthcare professionals due to a terminal condition. Ultimately, you may relieve family members from the stressors of trying to anticipate what your wishes might be.

Divorce: Unfortunately, January is a month where many spouses consider separation. This is not an easy decision and sometimes it is not the best decision. Speaking with an expert family law attorney may aid you in your decision regarding alimony, annulment, contested or uncontested filings.

Adoption: This can be a joyous and exciting process, but also overwhelming. There are Arkansas adoption laws and guidelines that must be followed when adopting a child. Every situation is unique, as the judge must also find it to be in the child’s best interest to be adopted.

Surrogacy: This is an area of family law that is constantly growing in the State of Arkansas. Traditional and gestational surrogacies are both allowed in this State. However, just like with adoption, the process can be overwhelming. Please view the surrogacy practice area page for more information regarding your surrogacy options and resources. You may also contact Heather May, an expert in this area of law, regarding any questions in starting a surrogacy.

There are laws that affect husbands, wives, children and even grandparents when decisions regarding family law are made. The past year, 2017, Tripcony, May & Associates saw a vast number of clients regarding divorce, child custody, surrogacy, and adoption. In a majority of these cases, tax law, commercial law, division of pensions, and personal and real property were all factors that had to be negotiated between parties. It takes experience and knowledge from expert attorneys to handle these specific situations.If you decide on legal resolutions for 2018 and you want to pursue a living will, divorce, adoption, or surrogacy, it will be beneficial to seek legal counsel from an experienced Arkansas family law attorney who will be able to assist you.

Tripcony, May & Associates provides services in divorce, child custody, visitation, grandparent rights, and other family law matters throughout the State of Arkansas.  They currently have two locations in Little Rock and Hot Springs, Arkansas. Please contact one of their offices for a free consultation at (501) 296-9999, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  You may also view www.tripconylawfirm.com for additional information.

LaTrenia A. Ceasar, MSLS, Freelance Writer, has been an employee at Tripcony, May & Associates since 2015. About the Author:
LaTrenia A. Ceasar, MSLS, Freelance Writer, has been an employee at Tripcony, May & Associates since 2015.