Whether you’re completing a traditional surrogacy or a gestational surrogacy, you will need to work closely with a surrogacy clinic to effectively complete the medical process. Because there are so many moving parts involved in safely creating a surrogate pregnancy, all intended parents and prospective surrogates should be comfortable with the medical professional they work with during this part of the surrogacy process.

Fortunately, in most cases, intended parents will already have a relationship with a fertility clinic before pursuing the surrogacy process. Typically, that clinic can usually continue as their surrogacy clinic when they move from other infertility treatments to surrogacy.

However, for surrogates and intended parents who haven’t yet worked with a fertility clinic, or for those who aren’t familiar with the medical process of surrogacy, the concept of a surrogacy clinic may be confusing or even overwhelming. The following list of contacts may be helpful in your path toward a successful surrogacy experience.

Below are a list of surrogacy clinics, contacts and resources that Tripcony, May & Associates work with in order to better help support our clients in their legal representation.

Please feel free to contact our office at (501) 296-9999 to schedule a free consultation with Heather May if you have any questions about surrogacy, or any other legal issue you may wish to discuss.


Growing Generations –Michelle Lee

Phone: 323.965.7500 Fax: 323.965.0900

Website: www.GrowingGenerations.com

Simple Surrogacy-Kristen Hansen

Phone: 866-41-SURRO

Website: www.simplesurrogacy.com

Creative Family Connections-Jennifer Garcia

Telephone: 240-235-6006

Website: www.creativeconnections.com

Circle Surrogacy-Jessica Lopez/Melissa Torto

Telephone: (617) 439-9900

Website: www.circlesurrogacy.com

3 Sisters Surrogacy-Sunday Crider

Telephone: 877-976-9483

Website: www.3sisterssurrogacy.com

The Surrogacy Experience-Tina Detlaff  

Telephone: 855-478-7764

Website: www.thesurrogacyexperience.com

Reproductive Assistance Inc. – Lisa Henkel


[email protected]

Website:  ReproAssistInc.com

Modern Family Surrogacy Center


Website: www.modernfamilysurrogacy.com

Family Source Surrogacy-Ronda Blair


Website: www.familysourcesurrogacy.com

Open Arms Consultants–Souad Dreyfus


Website: www.openarmssurrogacy.com

Tomorrow’s Parent International-Sara Clay

Telephone: 800-688-0962

Website: www.tomorrowsparentsintl.com

Earthly Angels-Sharron Wooten

Telephone: 662-312-4487

Website: www.earthlyangelsconsulting.com

Reproductive Possibilities-Melissa Brisman

Telephone: 888-363-9457

Website: www.reproductivepossibilities.com

New Beginnings Surrogacy Services, LLC-Jane Groenedaal

Telephone: 844-873-5835

Website: www.nbsurrogacy.com

Diversity Fertility Service-Helen Stephens

Website: www.diversityfertilityservices.com

International Assisted Reproduction Center-Kim Post

Telephone: 763-494-8800

Website: www.fertilityhelp.com

America Angel International-Caroline Chen

Telephone: 661-317-3851

Website: www.americaangelintl.com

Tammuz Family-Doron Mamet

Website: www.tammuz.com

Golden Surrogacy-Chelsea Kline

Telephone: 800-824-4428

Website: goldensurrogacy.com

Steven Snyder & Associates- Keely Seaverson


Website: www.snyderlawfirm.com

Lauren Murray Law Office, LLC-Lauren Murrary

Telephone: 845-304-2685

Website: www.laurenmurraylaw.com

An Angel’s Gift-Tisha Adams

Telephone: 720-885-6263

Website: www.angeleggdonation.com

International Fertility Law Group-Kim Devereaux

Telephone: 844-400-2016

Website: www.iflg.net

Reproductive Law Center-Marta Santiago


Website: www.rlcsd.com

International Reproductive Law Group, Inc. Eliseo Arebalos

Telephone: 323-904-4733

Website: irlawgroup.com

The Surrogacy Law Center-Maria Jose Hagenah

Telephone: 760-438-0558

Website: www.surrogacy-lawyer.com

Arkansas Fertility-Stacy Schriver

Telephone: 501-801-1228

Website: www.arkansasfertility.com

Please feel free to contact our office at (501) 296-9999 to schedule a free consultation with Heather May if you have any questions about surrogacy, or any other legal issue you may wish to discuss.