Our Simple Divorce Tips

1. Secure proper legal representation (retain an attorney who focuses on family law).

2. Follow your attorney’s advice.

3. Gather your financial records, including tax returns, notes, deeds, title certificates, and other legal papers, and deliver them to your attorney so that he or she may properly utilize discovery procedures.

4. Do not involve yourself in domestic disputes. Do not touch, push, hit, or threaten your partner. If you cannot control your temper, take time-outs and stay away from him or her.

5. Obtain a restraining order or an order of protection from the Circuit Court if you are in fear of physical violence.

6. Insulate the children from the marital conflict. Do not talk badly about the other party in front of a child.

7. Attempt to be civil and do not escalate the issues in your divorce action.

8. Keep a diary of events.